Eilir Rowlands's opening speech

15 July 2011

When opening the Pethe ar daith… exhibition Eilir Rowlands said he was proud to be able to speak at such a special occasion - it was special to him personally as he has known Catrin since her birth - he remembers her crossing the fields from her home in Llwyniolyn to Eilir's home in Hendre to play with his children. He saw the influence of her rural and farmlife upbringing in her work - an obvious example were the sheep ear-mark based works.

The exhibition was also special as Catrin is one of the foremost artists in Wales today - but she is not only known in Wales as her work has been exhibited on mainland Europe and further afield in the USA. Catrin is one of the artists who was held in high regard by Kyffin Williams and he could be a fierce critic of modern artists.

It is often said that an artist's work reflects their personality and Eilir Rowlands could see the colourful and lively character of Catrin embodied within the exhibited works - he said that a short chat with Catrin could take at least a quarter of an hour but in that time there would be a lot of laughter.

Even though the title Pethe ar daith… (Culture on tour) - shows work from Meirionnydd, Bardsey and the Hebridies the use of the word Pethe has a special significance - it gives the stamp of Sarne and Penllyn on the work and brings Catrin back to her roots in rural Cefnddwysarn.

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