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The best abstract artist in Wales.
Sir Kyffin Williams - April 2003

Much of the painting that is seen in Wales follows well tried formulae - glowering clouds, jagged rock faces, a few cottages and a farmer with his dog. It is refreshing to see an artist creating her own very personal language. Her success in embedding stitchery in painted surfaces, acknowledges the tradition of women’s work whilst abandoning its restrictions. For these works are a celebratory explosion of colour and positive energy that reflect Catrin’s identity and personality.
Mary Lloyd Jones - May 2007

For her, the land is a place to be worked, to give succour, to animate, to offer a means of living, to be shared by the community. The concept of landscape so heartily embraced by generations of romantic painters does not enter into her language.
Tamara Krikorian - 1999

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