Harlech Biennale

28 September - 7 October 2009

Catrin was selected to work on a fortnight's art project taking part in Harlech. This was the 9th Harlech Biennale.


Visual arts cultural interaction and exchange

International artists from Hungary, Rumania, Austria, Spain Italy, England and Wales will make work in the Neaudd Goffa Harlech and in the landscape around Harlech, applying their own cultural backgrounds and artistic practices to the theme of International Crosscurrents. Performance work will be shown over the Internet in real-time for projection in art galeries: CCAM Naples, Italy; NEXO Toledo, Spain; Galichnik Art Colony, Skopje, Macedonia; AirSpace Gallery, Stoke on Trent.



Catrin's introduction to her Harlech Biennale work

The Mabinogi - a collection of stories taken from medieval Welsh manuscripts which draw on pre-Christian Celtic mythology - has four main stories or branches, the second branch features the story of Branwen ferch Llyr who marries Matholwch the King of Ireland. Branwen's story opens with her brother Bendigeidfran standing on a rock in Harlech looking out to sea - before him he sees the ships of Matholwch approaching . . . Matholwch is on his way to ask for Branwen's hand in marriage. This is the beginning of Branwen's trials and is also the starting point for my Harlech Biennale project.

Further information on the Harlech Biennale

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