Statement and introduction

Belongings Exhibition - Swansea Mission Gallery 1998

Pickfork or fork in the right ear; split the right ear into three; two knife stabs under the right ear only; stump or stub and split; crooked hook. Various combinations of simple cuts which create a sheep's ear-mark. By recognizing the mark it's possible to know to which farm the sheep belongs - each farm has its own specific ear-mark. I also belong to a sheep farm, to a family of sheep farmers, to an area and a community of sheep farmers. The community in which I was brought up was strong, tightly-knit and musical - as a child I sang and played the piano at eisteddfodau and acted in school and local plays. Everyone took part in all local activities, everyone enjoyed the Sunday School processions through the streets of Bala, the Sarnau Eisteddfod and the Chapel's annual picnics near Ffridd y Llyn. With Anti, my Grandmother's sister, I used to go on picnics near Crynierth, she gave me an introduction to the arts and painting. She also gave me old clothes in which I played and dressed-up for hours - a young girl experimenting with make-up, hats, coats, frocks and high-heeled shoes.

My home and young family are now in Pwllheli. But the farming and social background of Cefnddwysarn still affects me and my work strongly even though I fly kites on the beach not on the hills, walk around boat yards not along sheep-tracks - the taste of salt on the wind, sand in my hair.

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