Statement and introduction

Exodus exhibition and cerdd dant works - Bangor 2005

Welshness - or rather the experience of living in Wales - is an obvious theme in Catrin Williams' work, she embodies the Welsh dresser, clothes, faces and family customs in her work. The family and homely themes have developed into a study of the tourist imagery of Wales.

Cerdd dant is a craft that's unique to Wales - an individual or choir sing words to a tune whilst the accompanying harp plays a totally different tune. The harp starts first but both tunes merge and finish together. Catrin has been singing cerdd dant since childhood and has just re-started as a member of Côr Gwrtheyrn. A rediscovery of the musical notation of soh-fah has led to elements of the modulator being used in the recent works - crossmedia coverlets using paint and embroidery. Singing and music are important to Catrin and are important elements in her art work - from the series of paintings and performances of the John Cale Show - to the soh-fah of the new works.

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