Statement and Introduction

Collecting Eggs Exhibition - Rhuthun, Llanbedrog, Cardiff 2000 - by Jill Piercy

Within the exuberant brushstrokes and vibrant abstract sweeps of colour there are glimpses of objects which subtlely bring the viewer down to earth. Teacups, hens, shoes, eggs and dolls float in and out of the picture surface. However exotic and colourful her paintings are, Catrin's subject matter is inspired by the everyday world around her - whether around her home on the Llyn Peninsula or gleaned from her many travels throughout Europe.

Catrin was born on a hill farm near Bala where she was involved in the day to day activities of a lively Welsh speaking community. Apart from life on the farm, she enjoyed drama, singing, art and performing in local eisteddfodau. She is close to her Welsh roots which she draws upon to inspire her work.

The series Welsh Teas featuring colourful teapots, cups and plates evokes memories of Sunday School picnics and bara brith and tea at family gatherings. The family dresser is important as it holds the colourful plates and objects that connect her to family and friends. Often her work is assembled specifically for a location and she incorporates singing and performance.

Even when travelling, the experiences she chooses to paint are grounded in the enjoyment of simple everyday occurrences such as collecting eggs and having tea in Budapest. As well as looking back to her own childhood, her new work introduces the playful nature of her own two young children. The high heeled shoes worn for dressing up become one with the shapes of the landscape while toys and shopping baskets are woven into the patterns of the architecture of foreign cities.

Wherever the country and whatever the subject, Catrin fills her paintings with exuberant colour which excites the mind and stimulates the senses. Her works exude happiness, a joy for life and a strong sense of being at home in Wales.

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